Joe Vann
Wed, Apr 10
Doors: 7:30 pm | Show: 8:00 pm
Tickets: $25 ADV - $28 DOOR
All Ages
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Teen Suicide

A fire that won't burn out, slowly consuming the whole world. Teen Suicide is - fundamentally and at its core - a rock band from Orlando Florida. Founded in Baltimore in 2009, by singer & songwriter Sam Ray, the band has existed in many forms, in many places, with many different lineups, and even many different names. For a long time, Teen Suicide functioned more as a collective than a band - a constellation of stars shivering in the cosmic night or a semi-autonomous grouping of cars & trucks moving in a single direction down a highway. Now however, for the first time in almost a decade, TEEN SUICIDE exists as a full and proper band made up of real, actual people; real, actual people all working together for the common goal of playing kickass music and making badass art. Eschewing the unnatural and restricting ritualism of genre, together they play everything from power pop to sludge metal to Gram Parsons styled psych-country tunes, with a glut of different sample-heavy electronic styles mixed in.

Teen Suicide (The Band) is a kind of jenga tower whose blocks include Grant Peyton, Nathan Munizzi, Sean LaBree, Kitty Ray, and Sam Ray (the latter two being, for what it's worth, married). Teen Suicide (The Name) is in part a reference to the movie Heathers and its diegetic song 'Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)' as well as the band Suicide. They've released several albums with Run For Cover Records, most recently 2022's 'Honeybee Table at the Butterfly Feast', from September of that year. Unwilling to go gentle into the good night of 'album anniversary tours', they have a bevy of new releases planned for the near (& far) future, and a voluminous amount of new music written & slated to be recorded. Some of the litany of alternate names they've used over the years include: American Pleasure Club, Julia Brown, Starry Cat, The Hot Sloppy Joe Boys, and even (for a one-time, physically released 7" single) Sonic Youth. In addition, all of the band members are part of many other notable bands and projects - Ricky Eat Acid, Kitty, Synthetics, The Pom-Poms, and too many more to list.

Like an ambulance on fire in the night, like drunks in the back of a church, like a disused and foliage-disguised cell phone tower far out in the wilderness, TEEN SUICIDE goes on, unabated and unashamedly. Outer Gods of Mayhem forgotten by human imagination, a celestial reckoning, the love-song of an extinct Paleolithic bird. TEEN SUICIDE is a rock band from Orlando Florida.

Joe Vann