The Independent promotes positive change by proactively reducing our venue’s environmental footprint. By making our internal operations more sustainable, we seek to educate and inspire our employees, patrons and bands to become more environmentally conscious. Our environmental objectives are focused on waste diversion, conservation, education and outreach.

We are working towards a goal of zero waste with the help of the San Francisco Department of the Environment by using compostable cups and other compostable bar materials including napkins and straws. We recycle all bottles and use recycled office products. Additionally, we do not utilize street team promotion and focus on maximizing the value of all printed materials. 

The Independent now uses Energy Star rated equipment and energy savings settings. SF Clean Energy Watch estimated that The Independent will reduce their carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 11,770 lbs/year.

For our patrons, we strongly encourage minimizing your environmental impact before and after the concert by using public transport, carpools, and bikes! More info on transit options and directions here

Our success depends on our music community, so please send any suggestions or comments to