"If There's a Heaven" - 2024 Tour
Tue, Oct 22
Doors: 7:30 pm | Show: 8:00 pm
Tickets: $27.50
All Ages
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Pulsing with the energy of their hometown New York City, ‘If There’s a Heaven’(out 9/13/24)isthe debut album from indie band Melt. The band formed in 2017 andcut their teethtouring onthe heels of their viral single “Sour Candy” over weekends in college.Called “one groovysuperorganism” by NPR, they are known for their ecstatic live set. In 2021, Melt released their‘West Side Highway’ EP and toured nationally, further developing their intuitive connection asplayers as well as cementing their status as a band to watch.

‘If There’s a Heaven’ presents Melt simultaneously at their most airtight and freewheeling–evoking the raw, communal spirit of Fleetwood Mac as well as the modern, danceable hooks ofMUNA. Recorded live to tape with producer Sam Evian (Big Thief), the eleven tracks spanexistential, feel-good pop (“Plant the Garden”), classic love ballads (“Your Name”) and lush,soulful rockers (“Heaven”). Melt’s debut is ajoyous, timeless soundtrack for coming of age andfinding oneself and one’s community. As emotionally stirring as they are groovy, Melt will movelisteners in every sense of the word
MARIS hitched a ride on a comet to Los Angeles in 2021, and decided to stay and become a pop music sensation. Her mission on this planet is to connect with listeners through her candid experiences as a queer and emotionally vulnerable songwriter with an ‘80s-inflected pop universe and beats you can’t help but dance along to. In 2023, MARIS released a celestial six-song EP, Gravity, and accompanying short film, Gravity: The EP: the Movie (Black House, Best Friends Music), followed by new singles, “Voicemail”, “Hot Guitar Player”, and “GOING YET!.” She supported the releases throughout the solar system, opening for acts including Anna Of The North and The Wrecks. She performed at Boston Calling and Missoula Pride this summer. Fans caught MARIS Earth-side this summer performing at Boston Calling, a show with Kid Sistr, and Missoula Pride. Best experienced live, MARIS and her music have a riveting aura that ensures all in attendance are in a safe place to be their happiest, truest, and most out-of-this-world selves.

Her newest single, “Julia Roberts,” is available everywhere now!